Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Our rainscreen cladding façades are suitable for almost all building envelope projects, as well as for styling interiors.

We exclusively use ALUCOBOND® composite panels, comprising two aluminium cover sheets and a mineral-filled polymer core which provides excellent formability with high rigidity.

This allows us to apply what amounts to a ‘skin’ to any style, shape and type of building without compromising on stability and weather resistance.

Not only that, our rainscreen cladding system meets the fire classification requirements of BR135 Class B-s1, d0 – so you know it not only looks fantastic, it’s safe too.


Original ALUCOBOND® has been one of the most successful image building corporate architecture materials worldwide since 1969. Used for applications such as cladding, totems and canopies, ALUCOBOND® offers architects and designers unlimited freedom for creative, innovative and individual planning.

Thanks to the huge colour and surface variety, availability in every company-specific colour and unrivalled durability, ALUCOBOND® is the premium product for building envelopes.

ALUCOBOND® has been used to create unique projects communicating brand values, reference points and experiences in a three dimensional, spatial and emotional manner. At the same time, it offers sustainability and cost efficiency at an affordable price.

Surfaces & Colours

Hartbrights Architectural Cladding can design and fabricate rainscreen cladding systems in a wide range of surface finishes and colours, giving architects an unmatched palette from which to work. 


Choose from:

  • Solid Colour
  • Metallic Colour
  • Spectra & Sparkling
  • Anodized
  • Anodized Look
  • Natural
  • Vintage
  • Urban
  • Terra
  • Wood
  • Mill Finish

Virtually any colour can be specified across this range of surface finishes which allows for the creation of truly stunning building envelopes designed to lead or compliment the overall design of the building.

Please Note: All images on this page are courtesy of 3A Composites GmbH and ALUCOBOND®.

Big Yellow Storage, Chiswick, UK

ALUCOBOND® @ Big Yellow Storage, Chiswick, UK

» Yellow and white solid colour
» Metallic silver


Hartbrights Architectural Cladding specialise in small and medium sized projects across a broad spectrum of building types.

  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Offices
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Retail Outlets
  • Supermarkets


  • Banks
  • Car Showrooms
  • Petrol Stations
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Private Homes